Backlinks are incoming links or inbound links that are created when one website or webpage links to another. It is an incoming link from an external site to specific webpage or website. For e.g., if you create a webpage and 20 other sites link to it, your webpage can has 20 backlinks. Links to the page from within your own web site are not included in the total backlinks.

In Simple Words, In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terminology a back link is a hyperlink that links from a Website or Web page, back to your own Web site. Also called an IBL (Inbound Link) these links are important in determining the importance of your Website. Some of the search engines, including Google will consider Websites or web pages with more backlinks more relevant and top in search results pages. It May also be written as two separate words, back link.

Web developers may benefit from back links (or “inlinks“) in different ways — direct traffic and search result placement. As many more links to a specific web page or web site are published on external sites, there is a greater chance for traffic to be generated from other websites. This may be called direct traffic. By increasing direct traffic, a web site can gradually grow its presence on the internet search result or Web and generate a steady stream of visitors from other web sites.

While direct traffic is helpful, most web sites or pages generate the majority of their traffic through search engines. Since search engines use back links as an important part of their algorithms for search result placement, external links are so important for good and top search ranking. Therefore, generating back links has become common practice for SEO (Search engine optimization). The more backlinks a website or webpage has, the better the chance that the page will rank top in search results for relevant words or Keywords. While most of the back links point to a website’s home page, incoming links to other pages within the website are beneficial as well.